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July 2014

August 22, 2014

July2014I kind of gave up posting my stats and dollar amounts every month, but I thought I would do it this month, for fun.  It’s good for the soul to have a way to measure growth and see how far you’ve come.

Also, I just like bragging.  Today was a new high traffic day, and I’m feeling pretty full of myself at the moment.

All this fun traffic has come because of Stumble Upon.  The traffic from SU is short-lived, and rarely results in new followers or traffic to other pages, but it is fun nevertheless. Read more…


October 2013

November 2, 2013

I feel like I’ve been living in the Twilight Zone this entire month.   Literally.  On the 1st, a big blogger shared my Pretzel Toffee on her Facebook page.  This brought me probably 150 new facebook fans, and thousands of pageviews.  It was shared over 2000 times, so I kept getting pageviews from it all day long.  It was a new high traffic day.  Total pageviews for the month: 165k.

The weird thing is, although my traffic didn’t get back up to that level, it continued to stay very high after that.  Other people shared my stuff on Facebook and Pinterest, and traffic has generally been up.  A LOT.  It was like one day, everything jumped from 2500/day to 5000/day.  Twilight Zone!  I’ve been checking my traffic incessantly.  September’s traffic was about 78k, and in October, I passed that number on the 15th.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been super fun to watch! Read more…

September 2013

October 18, 2013

If we’re just talking traffic numbers, September was my best month so far.  If we’re talking dollars, not so much.  I have high hopes for October, though.

It was really fun to see the numbers jumping up again.  I credit my friends and my hard work and some luck. Read more…

A Lesson in the Power of Facebook

October 9, 2013

By the way… September wrap up is coming soon, but I don’t get all the info I need until the 15th.  Ugh.

An interesting thing happened yesterday.  Around 9 am, I started getting crazy amounts of traffic from Facebook to my Pretzel Toffee post.  I couldn’t find that post anywhere, it was a complete mystery.

I recently decided to take the plunge and pay a large Facebook page for daily shares.  The jury is still out on whether that has been worth the money, but sufficeth to say, the mystery traffic was not coming from them.

I have a couple friends with large Facebook followings, I checked their pages, and they were not the source of the mystery traffic either.

Finally, in frustration, I complained to a friend who is the Queen of Facebook.  This woman is a total pro.  She quickly answered me, “It was Slow Roasted Italian.  I saw it this morning.”  I should have guessed it myself, to tell you the truth.  She left me a comment on my blog that she was planning to share it on Facebook.  I didn’t really remember it because I didn’t have a sense of how powerful her page is. Read more…

June, July, and August 2013

September 11, 2013

I’ll admit it, I never got the June earnings post written.  Or July.  Or August for that matter.  Call me lazy.  I’ll just blame on the typical summer craziness.  I’m going to do my best with a summer wrap up post, here, but be forewarned, some info is probably missing.

As far as numbers go, I was really disappointed in how the summer traffic went.  I know that traffic is always down in the summer, but still, it was painful to experience.  My traffic dipped substantially in June, down to just 53k, but it slowly picked up during July and August.  I’m optimistic that September will be much better.

I made some changes to my ad network, I did my first sponsored post, and I started getting some more specific direction toward the end of the summer as well, all (hopefully) adding up to more ways to get some good traffic. Read more…


August 21, 2013

This summer has been kind of a bummer.  And I’m not just saying that because it rhymes.

My personal life has been pretty crazy.  The kids have lots of friends over every day, except when we’re camping, which is pretty frequently.  Robb’s new position at work has him traveling much more frequently, and while the new position is a good change, the travel is a bit taxing.  We ran into some financial problems which we’re working to solve, but have left us feeling set back.  My weight has now equaled my all-time high and I can barely stand to look in the mirror.  And some of my big efforts to improve my life over the summer left me feeling like a big failure.

On top of that, in the food blogging world, stats and revenue are down, as is posting frequency, but confusion seems to be on the rise. Read more…

May 2013

June 11, 2013

Things were generally down for me in May.  Traffic was down from around 72k in April to just over 61k in May.  This is probably partly due to my problems with the previous hosting company and the migration to the new host, but I’m not sure I can really blame it all on that.  Traffic seems to be down sort of generally, and I suspect the weather has more to do with it than anything. Read more…