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Roller Coasters

April 15, 2013
blog traffic

It was a pretty good weekend.  I broke my previous high traffic record on Saturday, with 2452 pageviews.  Then, I broke it again on Sunday, with 2962 pageviews!  Exciting stuff.

I was double excited because I had really wanted my next record to just shatter the old record.  Previously, high traffic days were about 100 pageviews (or less) different from the broken record.  This one was over 800 pageviews more!  It’s probably not substantial to some, but to me, it is.

Where did all this new traffic come from?  Well… over 53% come from Pinterest.  Around 8% came from Google search.  A good 25% is stuff GA doesn’t know how to categorize, like feed readers and internal links.  The other 15-ish% was a bunch of random smaller stuff.

Pinterest gets a LOT of weekend traffic.

Also, my most popular landing page, by a disturbingly large margin, was the Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I was kind of surprised, because I wasn’t in love with the photos, and before the weekend, the post didn’t seem to generate much excitement.  Maybe some big pinner is responsible, but it’s really hard to know.

Of course, the universe is the great balancing scale, and so my happy blog news was coupled with a painful parenting weekend and this one other little blog item that really bugged me.

I received a comment on my Almond Buttermilk Cake which said, in effect, This recipe would be great for my friend’s new restaurant.  I guess I should be flattered, but I’m annoyed.  I realize compensation is a dream, but shouldn’t he at least offer to give me credit? Grrr.

On top of that, my AdSense ads haven’t been working for several days.  I went to AdSense this morning to dive into it, only to discover they paused my ads because I never entered my PIN.  Lucky thing I saved it!  I made some changes to my ads, and I’m looking forward to seeing if they are effective.  It’s time for AdSense to start working for me.

Which means, I’m heading to YouTube for research.

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