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Going Out Like a Lamb

April 30, 2013

April really has been a roller coaster for me.

The biggest {and completely unexpected} development this month is that I need new hosting.  I was thinking I had a while before I ran into this problem, but I apparently have hitched myself to one of the more thumbs-down hosting companies.

I was preparing for another holiday group post, which went live last Friday.  This one was for Cinco de Mayo.  On Thursday, my site refused to load ALL morning.  After a few hours of waiting, assuming the hosting company was having a server issue, and hoping, I finally jumped onto the live chat support to find out what was happening.

Turns out, it’s ME causing the problem.  This is the moment they told me it was because I have hit my RAM limit.  It made me really angry because, first, they won’t tell me what the limit is {I sort of understand this for security reasons, but still annoying}; second, they didn’t bother to contact me about the problem, but waited for me to come to them; and third, they offered me two solutions, both of which are basically unacceptable to me.  They, of course, want me to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server.  Since I’m not a fan of the VPS, I looked into the costs for the dedicated server, which is somewhere in the area of $110/month for the lowest plan.  NOT an option.  They also told me to delete my All-In-One-SEO plugin, claiming that it violates their ToS, and that it is a really bad plugin which uses tons of RAM.

I was absolutely livid.  I mean, it’s one day before my big group post.  What am I supposed to do?!  They got it up for me and I deleted a few unused plugins and old unused photos to free up a little RAM so I could get through the weekend, but rest assured, the first thing I’ll be doing in May is getting new hosting.

Furthermore, my research shows that my hosting company is the ONLY one having a problem with All-In-One.  I also did some of my own research on what was using the most resources on my site, and All-in-One was in the top 5 resource users, but it was far from being the top one.  Even the All-in-One website told me that they recommend new hosting, since it is the setup the hosting company uses, and not the plugin’s format, that causes the problems.

He said, She said.  I tend to side with All-In-One.  It is a widely used and very reputable plugin.

At any rate, I’m hoping to chat with the new hosting place tomorrow, to get all the details about what will be involved in moving my data to them.  I hope I can afford it.  *fingers crossed*

April has had some other fun developments, which I can’t wait to share with you!  Come back in about a week for the official monthly wrap-up!

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