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A Lesson in the Power of Facebook

October 9, 2013

By the way… September wrap up is coming soon, but I don’t get all the info I need until the 15th.  Ugh.

An interesting thing happened yesterday.  Around 9 am, I started getting crazy amounts of traffic from Facebook to my Pretzel Toffee post.  I couldn’t find that post anywhere, it was a complete mystery.

I recently decided to take the plunge and pay a large Facebook page for daily shares.  The jury is still out on whether that has been worth the money, but sufficeth to say, the mystery traffic was not coming from them.

I have a couple friends with large Facebook followings, I checked their pages, and they were not the source of the mystery traffic either.

Finally, in frustration, I complained to a friend who is the Queen of Facebook.  This woman is a total pro.  She quickly answered me, “It was Slow Roasted Italian.  I saw it this morning.”  I should have guessed it myself, to tell you the truth.  She left me a comment on my blog that she was planning to share it on Facebook.  I didn’t really remember it because I didn’t have a sense of how powerful her page is.

During the course of the day, that Facebook post got thousands of shares.  THOUSANDS.  Plural.  Over 2100, to be precise.  It has more than 1100 likes, and brought me thousands and thousands of pageviews.  The effects of yesterdays virility are still being felt today.  Even late last night, more than 12 hours after the original share, the hits just kept on coming.  (so to speak)

Bringing me to this fun piece of news:  I have a new highest pageview day.  The last one was clear back in April, with 5480.  The new one is 7904, according to Stat Counter.

Lessons Learned:

Virility is awesome.  I mean 2000 people shared that post, but how many re-shared those 2000?

Also, and this was big for me:  I actually do get some of the credit here.

Here’s the thing.  It’s easy for me to think, oh, that’s a big site, they have a lot of influence, and it’s all thanks to them.  But, in reality, not all of their posts get 2000 shares.  In fact, one shared just an hour or two later got around 400.  And timing could be part of it, but probably not that big a part.

This pretzel toffee did amazing everywhere it was shared.  It has over 8k pins as I’m writing this, and that is in just 10 days.  I expect it will overtake my previous experience with viral pins, the Strawberry Lemonade Cookies, very very soon.  (That one has 11k pins.)

I was surprised by the popularity of this post.  It didn’t seem like a big deal, or one that would spark the imagination the way it has.  I can’t stop thinking about that old cliche, that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  I made a good recipe.  I took good photos.  I shared with good people.  And it all paid off.


Lesson number two:

I seriously cannot do this without friends.  For real.  I have done a few things to attract the help of people like Donna who know what they’re doing and love helping.

Mostly, I have searched.  I have asked questions.  I have nurtured friendships.  I have shared what I know.  I literally went to my awesome Facebook group and asked point blank for a mentor.  Several appeared.  It’s the biggest blessing I could have asked for.

Donna told me she noticed in my comments in the FB group, that I was struggling to build my own FB page.  She gave me some pointers and invited me to ask her questions anytime.  It dawned on me that maybe she wanted to share as much as I wanted her to share!  Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but let’s face it, we all need friends.

Several of my friends have been instrumental in the growth of my Facebook page, and I totally love them for it.


I’m off to update my “Biggest Day” sidebar widget now.  😀

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