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September 2013

October 18, 2013

If we’re just talking traffic numbers, September was my best month so far.  If we’re talking dollars, not so much.  I have high hopes for October, though.

It was really fun to see the numbers jumping up again.  I credit my friends and my hard work and some luck.

Here are some social media numbers:

Facebook  1626
Twitter       1005
Pinterest   4050
Google +    3200
Instagram  297
E-mail          420

Pageviews were almost 78,000.  ALMOST.   I was less than 50 pageviews short of it.  I’m calling it close enough.  Is that wrong?

Earnings looked like this:

AdSense: $107.55
Social Spark: $15 (this is a total guess)
Amazon: $2.13
Pinch of Yum: $16.50
TOTAL: $141.18

Not my most amazing month ever, but not bad.

AdSense earnings continue to rise, and I’m doing a little experimenting to get this number up.  I was late posting this, because I was thinking I could see exact numbers on Social Spark after the 15th, but that turns out to be a lie.  So I’m estimating, and estimating really low, since I’m pretty sure those earnings are going to be really low.  I took those ads down Oct 15, since I’m pretty sure I can do better with AdSense, if nothing else.

I think I will start putting some Amazon ads in the bottom of some of my posts, I think it might help bring me a little Amazon earnings.  The thing with Amazon is, it doesn’t matter what people buy.  If they get to Amazon through my affiliate link, I should get a commission on whatever they buy, so it’s worth it to me to do a few things to get them there.


First of all, having mentors is awesome.  I’ve been chatting here and there with K, who has given me some great advice and she’s a great cheerleader.  I asked S if I could join her group boards, and that has been super helpful.   I also chatted with a couple other people, and I’ve been approaching people right and left, asking for a few minutes to ask them 3-4 pointed questions.  I’m learning a ton.

I’m also chatting weekly with Diane and Carla, which is also super useful.  They are doing a great job of keeping me on track and helping me stay focused on my goals.  I can’t tell you how huge this has been.  Both of them have just a bit more traffic than I do, both of them are making more money than me, and it’s helping me pull myself up to their level, at least.  Plus, it’s fun to talk shop!   I’ve also had IM chats with a couple other friends here and there, and that has been really useful too.  I’ve learned a ton from all of them.

At this point, I’m so far into October, I can’t remember what I learned in September and what was October, so I’ll probably save some of this for the next update.  (October has been amazing!)  Sufficeth to say… luck has caught up with all my hard work, to some extent.  Bjork at Pinch of Yum said in his September update that “Luck is half luck and half hard work.”  So true.  Not everything is working out the way I wanted or envisioned, but some parts are working out even better.

Until next month….

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