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October 2013

November 2, 2013

I feel like I’ve been living in the Twilight Zone this entire month.   Literally.  On the 1st, a big blogger shared my Pretzel Toffee on her Facebook page.  This brought me probably 150 new facebook fans, and thousands of pageviews.  It was shared over 2000 times, so I kept getting pageviews from it all day long.  It was a new high traffic day.  Total pageviews for the month: 165k.

The weird thing is, although my traffic didn’t get back up to that level, it continued to stay very high after that.  Other people shared my stuff on Facebook and Pinterest, and traffic has generally been up.  A LOT.  It was like one day, everything jumped from 2500/day to 5000/day.  Twilight Zone!  I’ve been checking my traffic incessantly.  September’s traffic was about 78k, and in October, I passed that number on the 15th.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been super fun to watch!

Social Media following:

Facebook: 3314
Twitter: 1041
Google +: 5096
Pinterest: 5941
Instagram: 330
E-mail: 599
Klout: 66

Income Breakdown:

AdSense: $350
Sponsored Post: $150
Amazon: $10
Social Spark Ads: $8 (estimate)

I made a couple changes this month.  I took the Social Spark ads down on the 15th.  Those guys are just terrible to work with, and pay terribly too.  I applied to BH (again) on the 14th, and they said they would get back to me within 2 weeks.  The reason I decided to send in another application to them is, over the weekend my 30-day traffic reached 100k.  It was a super exciting development for me, and something I’ve been shooting for for a long time!

Of course, right before that happened, someone had to go and take the wind out of my sails (completely unintentionally) by mentioning in a Facebook group that under 250k pageviews/month is considered a “small” food blog, between 250k and 1million is “medium” and over 1million would be “large.”  Here I was thinking that when I got to 100k, I would be playing with the big boys.  Oh well, it didn’t stop my excitement about reaching this new level.

Third Party Apps

K suggested I start using Viral Tag to schedule pins.  I signed up for the free trial, and I’m a little unconvinced about whether it’s worth it or not.  It’s kind of time consuming for the kind of sharing that I do, and it’s not free… $28/month for the premium level, but you can have 5 accounts on that, so it would be $28 for 5 months if I could join with 4 other bloggers.  K said her Pinterest traffic has doubled since she started using it.  It wouldn’t bother me to have my Pinterest traffic double, but it does make me feel a strong need to improve my Google traffic.  I’ve been trying to get on G+ at least 3 times a day, sharing good stuff, adding hashtags, +1-ing and commenting, especially trying to interact with those with high G+ follower numbers.  It’s slow going over there, but like everything else, luck can’t find you if you’re not present and working hard.

The more I think about it, the less I want to use 3rd party applications for my social media accounts.  Or for anything, for that matter.  Recently, buffer got hacked, and they halted everyone’s posts.  Viral Tag is sometimes glitchy.  I’ve heard that posts with shortened links don’t do as well.  I don’t know… it all makes me feel like I want to be more authentic and actually be present on the platforms I use.  I think (at least for now) I’m going to avoid 3rd party apps.

Growing Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, I think it’s going to be interesting to see how this great experiment turns out.  I told myself I would try scheduling and posting a ton for 60 days, basically until the end of November.  In October, Facebook follows have nearly doubled, from 1600 to 3200.  However, I’m not convinced it’s from anything I’m doing.  I think it’s mostly owing to some friends mentioning me on their pages.  Having mentions and links from larger pages helps A TON.

Networks and Sponsored Posts

I’ve been joining some blogging networks in an effort to get more sponsored post opportunities.  The opportunities on Social Spark have been terrible.  I like the work on Pollinate, and they are easy to work with and pay quickly, the pay is not amazing, but really not bad, especially for a noob like myself.  I joined Kitchen Play, and after a few weeks of not hearing anything from them, I finally contacted Casey directly.  She reassured me that there would be a campaign that would be a good fit for me, and within a few days, I had an opportunity in my inbox.  I applied, and I hope I get it, because it was a great fit for me and much better pay.  I also applied for a campaign through Massive Sway, and C recommended I join Social Fabric, which I will probably do this weekend.

I’m hoping to have more sponsored post opportunities, since it helps my income substantially.  I know there aren’t really any requirements or work to receive pay from ads, but the way I look at it, my sponsored posts pay me, and I can run ads at the same time, therefore leveraging my time.

Combating Overwhelm

I wish I knew the answer to this.  Seriously.

Last December, I told Robb that this year would be the hinge that would change our family’s fortunes.  I think it has done that, and they’ve begun to change a bit.  I think next year is going to be all about simplifying, getting back to basics, and living a much calmer life.  This harried pace I’ve been keeping is really wearing on me.  I suspect November and December will be a whirlwind.  It will be a miracle if I can get all my Christmas shopping done!

I hope luck finds me.

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